At Just Physio we strongly believe in hands on treatment. Your therapist will focus on using soft tissue and manual therapy techniques rather than just putting a machine on and forgetting about you.


Whether you had an operation, sport injury or live with chronic pain, our experienced and professional therapists will customise a specific treatment programme to target your individual needs and desired outcome.

Easy Appointments

You can conveniently book your appointment online; even outside of business hours.

Manual Therapy

At Just Physio we strongly believe in hands on treatment. Your therapist will focus on using soft tissue and manual therapy techniques rather than just putting a machine on and forgetting about you.

Experienced Team

Our therapists have over 16 years of combined experience. All have studied further into either Sport or Orthopaedic Manual Therapy (OMT) and are constantly keeping up to date with the latest research and techniques to help you in the best way possible.

Professional client care

Our friendly administrative staff are ready to serve you and make your experience with us hassle free. We charge medical aid rates and do not charge any levies.


Just Physio is a physiotherapy practice situated in Pretoria East in the Faerie Glen area. The practice (Elbe Coetzer Fisioterapeute) was established 10 years ago and recently changed ownership under Adrien Dannhauser to JUST PHYSIO.


We treat every patient with dignity and respect. Our physiotherapists believe that every patient is unique; therefore we do a thorough first evaluation to ensure we don’t only treat the symptoms but also the cause of the problem.

No better place to get you healthy again


We are a ‘hands on’ practice that keeps up to date with the latest research to make sure that our treatments are effective. New research and new techniques are used as “tools” to help fix your problem.

Choose a fast, effective physiotherapist in Pretoria East

👋👋 Situated in Pretoria East and offering effective physiotherapy in the city, Just Physio provides patients with hands on treatment, dry needling, supportive and therapeutic strapping and taping, electrotherapy, traction, lung and sinusitis treatment, and personalised exercise programmes. Our outpatient treatment covers all kinds of ailments, from painful muscle spasms that simply won’t yield, to more complex post-operative orthopaedic rehabilitation. Using our combined experience of over 18 years, our team effectively relieves patients of pain, both chronic and acute, while also assisting patients in their return to healthy form.

To guarantee that we are able to provide our patients with the best care possible, along with our experience and our advanced education, we continue to keep up to date with all of the latest developments and improvements in the field.

Our Approach

Each patient we work with has a unique problem, with a unique solution. We treat every patient with respect and dignity, carefully evaluating the cause of the problem in order to correctly treat it so that the symptoms don’t come back. We aim to complete the treatment within 3 to 5 sessions, although for more complicated cases it may take a little more time.

Our services are created to be as hassle free as possible, especially in terms of the administration. This allows you to focus fully on your healing while we worry about the paperwork. Unlike other physiotherapists in Pretoria East, we don’t charge additional levies. Rather, we stick to the medical aid rates.

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Getting to know your pain

Many people like to joke that the niggling aches and pains we experience as we get older are simply a part of getting old. But pain is more complicated than that and it should never become such an issue that it stops you from living your life to the fullest. The body can experience all kinds of pain, from troublesome muscle spasms that keep you awake at night to pain consistent with sports injury.

The more you know about your pain, the better understanding you will have about it, placing you in a better position to help us, help you. Not all of our referrals come through doctors, sometimes patients come to us on their own and this is why knowing your pain is so important.

These are some of the most common types of pain that patients seek treatment for:

Neck pain

Our modern lives are often one of the biggest culprits when it comes to neck and also back pain. Many of us spend hours sitting at a desk, and it goes without saying that the way we sit is often detrimental to our posture and as a result, our muscles get tense and stiff. Neck pain might not be the muscles in your neck but rather a problem radiating from your back. Causes of neck pain vary and along with pain, you might even find that your neck movement is limited.

Shoulder Pain

Discomfort in your shoulder or upper arm can stop you from doing even the most basic day to day tasks. Shoulder pain can be attributed to a tendon, a muscle or even a joint, and each will feel different. This is one of the more common pain complaints and the reasons for this pain may vary. For instance it could be a traumatic injury or an injury caused by overuse.

Back Pain

It’s generally only once you’ve hurt a part of your back that you realise just how often you use those muscles. Back pain is without a doubt the most common type of pain and the various regions of the back can represent different types of problems. This pain is not the type to show up out of nowhere, so if you have back pain it’s important to think about what activity could have led to the pain you are now experiencing. Back pain will likely require plenty of rest as well as physio to heal up completely and because you are using your back for just about everything you do it can feel like it is taking ages to heal.

Regardless of the type of pain you are experiencing, accurate diagnosis followed by the right treatment provided from our experienced physiotherapists in Pretoria East, will have you fighting fit.

Why Work with a Physiotherapist in Pretoria?

When in pain, why not pop those pain pills instead of going to the professionals? A lot of people treat the symptoms of the problem without being aware of the cause and pain killers simply mask the problem; they won’t necessarily solve it. So while the pain might be gone for a couple of hours, getting your hopes up that the complaint is now healed, once the effects of the pills wear off, and the pain returns, you can feel more despondent than ever.

It is best to rid yourself of the pain once and for all and the best way to do this is to consult a physiotherapist. A few of the things a physiotherapist can help you with include:

  • Rehabilitating sports or gym injuries as well as rehabilitate the effects of disability and disease.
  • Assist with managing acute and chronic pain.
  • Prevent injury and disease.
  • Promote physical activity, wellness and good health.
  • Improve and maintain mobility independence and peak physical performance.
  • Providing information and education to assist patients in preventing re-occurrence of the pain or re-injury.

The team at Just Physio is skilled at assisting patients of all kinds in their goal to live a more healthy, pain free life. We operate in Pretoria and Pretoria East. Contact us today to book your consultation with a fast and effective physio in Pretoria East.

Client Testimonials

    review rating 5  I have been extremely happy with the treatment I have received. Just Physio is the best Physiotherapists in Pretoria and close by for anyone living in Pretoria East. I struggled with chronic headaches for years and the amount of painkillers I had to take was becoming a health risk. After only 4 sessions with Adrien from Just Physio the headaches were gone and I feel so much better!! Adrien is a very competent and trustworthy professional and knows what she is doing.

    thumb Rene Bester

    review rating 5  After a problematic experience with post-operative physiotherapy following an ACL reconstruction, Adrien from Just Physio has given me a second chance at vocational ballet, by greatly improving my strength, range of motion, and stability, and by reducing my pain almost completely.Consistent, diligent, holistic care practices make this practice a safe and encouraging space for recovery. The caring ethos of the staff is invaluable and greatly appreciated.The specific application of the Be Activated system has improved my ballet practice incredibly and consistently.

    thumb Melissa Adendorff

    review rating 5  I would highly recommend Just Physio to any person struggling with rheumatoid arthritis, chronic pain, sports injuries, sinusitis & any respiratory problems. The results are truly amazing & I am speaking from personal experience. I have referred friends & family and everyone is as impressed as I am. Best physiotherapists in Pretoria East for sure! They also write regular posts on social media & their website. Sinus or headache tips just to name a few. Definitely worth the read! Very accommodating, friendly & professional.

    thumb Rachel Decloedt

    review rating 5  There is no other physiotherapist to use! Just Physio is simply the best. Professional service and reliable advice for long term rehabilitation. My old sport injury was always a problem, but this Pretoria based practice resolved it in no time! Thank you for the expert advice.

    thumb Inge Wagenaar
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